6 Reasons On Not To Give Up Love
Seeking love is an exciting way. You can meet new people, go out and have fun, and maybe, you can meet the love of your life.

To find a great relationship, you must be willing to put in that work. What should you do if you are abandoned?

Here are six reasons why you should not give up love.
1. Love the lessons learned
2. You have time to grow
3. Now is your time
4. You deserve more planning
5. Things Worth Doing Are Rarely Easy
6. It only takes one person

1. Love The Lessons Learned

Going through another failed relationship can be frustrating, sad and stressful. But keep in mind that timing is about it. Just because love is over does not mean that love is over for you.

Instead of wasting your failed relationship, make a list of everything you learned in that relationship.

You may have learned what you did not want and will not tolerate in your future relationship.

Wherever you go, take the lessons that love gives you and appreciate them.

2. You Have Time To Grow

Your lonely years will grow from learning who you are and every experience you have.

If your goal is to get married, why not use this time to develop and develop the skills and qualities that make you a great husband or wife?

For example:

  • Do you have a job?
  • Can you cook?
  • Do you know how to express your feelings?
  • Can you manage your money?

It is better than giving up love. Now is the time to explore and work with your friends, family, and who your future partner wants to be.

3. Now Is Your Time

There is no better time to be selfish with your work, energy and focus than when you are alone. It’s time to take action on your dream job, move forward and focus on your social life.

Of course, you can still do these things in a relationship, but love has the power to diminish.

Friendship is also important. These are the people who have supported you in every good and bad decision you have made.

Use this time scary to focus on yourself and find out who you are when you are not part of the “we”.

Not only is it good for your mental health and personal growth, your self-esteem will also be surprisingly attractive to your future partner.

4. You Deserve More Planning

If you want to find true love, you must be willing to commit to your perfect person instead of resolving it! When you wait to find the perfect person for you, you know for sure that your personality will fall in love.

About finding true love:

  1. Spend quality time together
  2. Learn communication skills
  3. Sharing the same goals and beliefs

Finding true love means finding an attractive, funny and respectable person.

 You deserve a very good relationship, so don’t give up on love until now. If it takes some time to find the person who touched all the display markers on your list, why not wait?

5. Things Worth Doing Are Rarely Easy

Think about it. The very good things in life – the things that motivate you to be proud of yourself and to do good, as you have accomplished are always challenging;
 – Getting a degree,
 – running with patience,
 – getting fit/losing, breaking a bad habit

All of these things take time to accomplish, but you will be satisfied when you complete that challenge.

The same can be said about finding the right relationship. It takes energy to decide to wait until someone fills you up without falling in love with the first person who asks everything because you are alone.

6. It Only Takes One Person

“It only takes one.”

These are  magic words.

May be you got break up with a person but the next person you met again may be the one you seeking so far. It takes one to steal your heart and change your world.

Think about it. You can find the love of your life.

Your years may be on the radar compared to the years you share with your spouse. So have fun. Don’t give up on love – because it takes another.

To You From Me :

  • Finding love is not always easy. It can be frustrating and even make you feel  – but don’t give up!
  • Enjoy the journey and focus on self-care and personal growth and embrace the lessons each relationship and each new day should teach.

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