What is MSM?

In late 2017, for the sake of a desire of a single person, a YouTube channel was created as Magical Street Mania.Through that channel that person stepped into the people as a street magician, with the tagline of “Street Has Become an Illusion”.
He became the founder and current executive director of MSM. He is Anushka Madhushan HM. The brand of ‘MSM’ was created as one of the milestones of this good man who does not wanting to be confined to one subject. You may now realize that the name, MSM was derived by adding the initials of the name of the YouTube channel he started.
He says, ” I can honestly say that many of my friends have contributed their time, efforts to uplift the MSM’s background story to the current situation nearly for two years. It is a great pleasure to remind that the number of new people met through the MSM is greater than the amount of money I gained “.

What is MSM Academy of Magic?

Hi, I’m Anushka Madhushan. I think you already know me a little. I’ll answer your above question. When someone asks you what magic is, it can be interpreted in different ways. If someone asks me that question personally, I’ll answer you that magic is a universal language.
But has this language ever been among the languages ​​you know? Let me explain it simply. Suppose there are two persons, A and B. This A person only understands Sinhala while B only knows English. So, these two can’t express themselves directly.
Then, a magician comes in and presents some amazing magic tricks to them. They are truly amazed.  Both A and B have used their emotions through their gestures in order to express that they are surprised. Because of this magician these two people have already shared their feelings though they can’t understand each other’s language at the beginning. This is why I call this a universal language.

MSM Project Alpha - Mission 01

The brand MSM, was not only framed as a magical institution, but also started to spread among people as a non-profit organization. In a short span of time, a volunteer organization called MSM Project Alpha launched in Sri Lanka by MSM.
In 2018, MSM team provided food for all the cancer patients at Maharagama Apeksha Hospital and a special programme was conducted for children as the first event of MSM with the participation of over 100 Sri Lankans, who have never seen each other before. Sri Lankans in abroad also supported to make this event a success.
It was a pleasure to see other voluntary organizations also joined the campaign. Without holding here, MSM Project Alpha crew is ready to continue these tasks as mission 2 and mission 3.

My Backstory

Let me briefly introduce about myself. My name is Anushka Madhushan HM. And I studied in biology stream at Ananda College Colombo 10. I’m a final year undergraduate student of a private sector university and also working in a private sector company now. Since my childhood, I have grown up in a family which has a military background , and I’m a character who thinks “Motherland is first than all the others” and am not a racist. But whoever tries to harm my country in any way, I stand against him as a nationalist, without considering his nationality as a Sinhalese, a Tamil, a Muslim, a Burgher, a Malay or any other.
Never in my childhood, I had an idea to reach you through a web site even for fun. As the only child in my family like my grandfather and father, I loved to join Sri Lankan Army as the 20th soldier in our family. That hope was fallen apart, and now if you ask me who you are, I don’t have a proper answer.
I’m correct if I introduce you myself as a Business Developer, and also a Professional Magician, Content Creator, YouTuber, Pharmacy Student, Motivational Speaker and a Marketer . Simply, I’m a simple boy with a big smile on his face with a simple daily routine. In 2018, I performed in Sri Lanka’s Got Talent as a magician in Sirasa TV.
My destination is to be the best Motivational Magician in Sri Lanka, combining both Motivational and Magical concepts in the future. Wish you the Bless of Mother Ananda.