As I always say, if you are born poor, it is not really your fault. But if you are born poor and die poor, it is really your fault. If you were born with a lot of property and money at birth, you may not be financially disadvantaged, but you may have some questions about the happiness of your life. So as the founder and current CEO of MSM, I wanted to give you a website based on this motivation. I hope to give all of you around the world through this site together with some of my abilities as I do not want to limit to just one scope. The name Motivational Magician has been added here and my two professional genres, Magic and Motivation, have been put together to give you a series of articles on a number of different topics with my writing ability. Sometimes when a person suffers from a very defeated mentality, he does not see a way out. Sometimes he has the same answer in close proximity. I always ask dreamers to dream big in a world, where smiles at dreamers. But those dreams should not be allowed to sink in like dreams. We must work hard day and night to make those dreams a reality. Most people walk in a traditional frame, and a person who once jumped out of a traditional frame and fell to the ground is not afraid to fall to the ground again. This is because he knows how to rise again after falling once. So, he tries to get to his targets somehow. This is my personal experience. Good luck with your future by visiting this site.