Our Vision

To become the number one motivational institution in South Asia, to develop the mental strength of the people of the world and lead them to success.

Our Mission

Daily motivational articles help motivate people who are depressed or unhappy to get up, listen to their problems and provide solutions to them using new technology.

Vision & Mission Mmagician99.com

Our Philosophy​

“If you are born as a poor it’s not your mistake, but if you die poor, it’s your mistake.”

The sole responsibility of your life is in your hands. Try to do what you want in a novel way.

You must not only do things in which success is guaranteed. Everything I did, didn’t end up in success and I know that things I attempt in the future, too may end up in failure.

The reason that I’m saying this and you are reading it is even though I have failed, I still have not given up.